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Local Food Standards for universities

by University of Toronto on

The Local Food Standards were created by Food Services to promote an increase in the volume of local ingredients and products sourced by campus food providers, raise awareness of local food options within the university community... Read full article

Rethink Food - grow your own

by University of Toronto on

Want to enjoy local food more often? Check out these tips for growing, preserving, buying and cooking it all year round.... Read full article

Consumers Across the Nation are Boycotting Kellogg’s Foods – Here’s Why

by Christina Sarich on

Kellogg’s corn flakes and other food-like products that the company makes are full of Bt Corn. The EPA has registered Bt corn as a pesticide and Bt corn has been shown to cause serious health problems.... Read full article

Pesticides linked to cancer

by PAN Pesticide Acrtion Network on

We're experiencing a cancer epidemic, and evidence is growing ever stronger that pesticide exposure is a key contributor to this disturbing trend.... Read full article

Fighting Cancer with Modified Citrus Pectin

by Joanne Nicholas on

Clinical research shows that modified citrus pectin helps limit disease progression in men with advanced prostate cancer. In addition to its cancer-inhibiting effects, modified citrus pectin shows promise in chelating toxic heavy metals.... Read full article