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Is India on its way to becoming an entirely organic nation?

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Is India on its way to becoming an entirely organic nation? Just over two years ago, in September 2014, the Indian Government launched their revolutionary Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (National Agriculture Development Program) as a way to encourage ... Read full article

Organic seed market explodes, sales predicted to hit $5.4B by 2024

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It wasn’t too long ago that organic food was considered to be a luxury. Its high prices made it something that only the most devout health nuts and those with deeper pockets were willing to shell out for. Now, however, organic food is quickly becomin... Read full article

Healthy and Sustainable Food

by Harvard school of public health on

The food we eat determines how healthy we are; yet the food available to us may do more harm than good, we make decisions every day about the food we buy, which gives us great power to reshape the way we produce, process, transport, and use food.... Read full article

The benefits of eating Local Foods

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The benefits of eating local foods., There are several factors that influence the nutritive value of produce including crop variety, how it's grown, ripeness at harvest, storage, processing, packaging and distance travelled from seed to table. ... Read full article

Ontario and Canada invest in food and beverage businesses in Durham

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DURHAM — The food and beverage industry in Durham got a boost on Thursday, as the federal and provincial governments announced funding to four local businesses. ... Read full article

Local Food Report 2016

by Ontario Gov-2016 on

Ontario's Local Food Strategy outlines three main objectives: to enhance awareness of local food, to increase access to local food and to boost the supply of food produced in Ontario.... Read full article

Food prices will rise in 2017 and it's good news for local farmers

by Conrad Collaco on

According to the author of a new report on food prices in Canada, it's going to cost more in 2017 to eat fruits and vegetables.... Read full article

Why Buying Local Really Means Supporting Your Community

by Ashley Quan on

Local eating makes it easier to eat healthy! The freshness you'll find in local food is unparalleled, since produce can be picked when it's ripe, instead of needing to be ripened when it gets to the grocery store. ... Read full article