The Checklist People consist of a team of individuals that provide consumers with a shopping list, or checklist of the best products by category for specific food allergies. The Checklist People built this site specifically with the consumer in mind. The entire website is free to consumers. The goal of our company is to eliminate food and money waste for consumers. It can be very time consuming and expensive for consumers to research or label read, to find out which products are gluten-free. When it comes to gluten free food products consumers have many choices. However, many have a less desirable taste and can be very expensive. 

This can be especially frustrating for families with young children as they are converting to a gluten-free household. To make that transition easier, The Checklist People have also chosen a list of general market products that are also gluten-free. The Checklist People have chosen the top products in over 175 specific food categories. The Checklist People have also provided checklist of restaurants with gluten-free menus, fresh good bakeries, pre-prepared meals and book recommendations. 

Gluton Free Products